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Products and Test Equipment for EMI, EMF and EMC

MRC GIGACOMP is a distributor of amplifiers, antennas, components, shielding material and test equipment for EMI, EMF and EMC.

logo Amotech Amotech manufactures chip varistors and ESD suppressors.
Logo Asysol Antenna Systems Solutions supplies antenna test chambers for nearfield and far-field tests.
API Weinschel is a leader in fixed, variable and programmable RF attenuators and power RF loads.
Logo E&I Electronics & Innovation is a manufacturer of HF and VHF power amplifiers, modules, impedance transformers and amplifier arrays for EMI applications.
Logo Pasternack Pasternack has more than 40'000 different RF products in stock, from connectors to amplifiers.
SPEAG produces E-Field-, H-Field- and electrical Sensors with data and power transfer via optical fiber
Tektronix logo Tektronix has developped a Low-Cost EMI Precompliance Test Solution which is based on its USB spectrum analysers
Logo Vectawave Vectawave is an established supplier of GaAs based EMC amplifiers
Logo Wavecontrol Wavecontrol is a leading manufacturer of portable and fixed installed test equipment for measuring electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic fields according to EU directive 2013/35/EU.