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Tecdia's wire bondable single layer chip capacitors (SLC) and resistors are made in Japan with proprietary formulations of ceramic materials, with a relative permittivity (dielectric constant) ranging in value as low as 40 and high as 50,000. Single layer ceramic chip capacitors and resistors used in microwave and optical communications devices are generally die attached to a circuit board or substrate using conductive epoxy or gold-tin solder, and the opposing electrode(s) connected to other elements of the circuit by gold wire or ribbon bonding. Some designs can be entirely surface mounted (flip chip) to eliminate wire connections.
The impedance characteristics of single-layer capacitors and resistors are superior to multi-layer capacitors for high-frequency bandwidths.

Single Layer Chip CapacitorsTecdia standard SLCs

Wire bondable, ceramic single layer chip capacitors for high frequency applications.
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Standard Single Layer Chip Capacitors

  • High reliability established over 30 years of proven success.
  • Extensive product line-up of Class 1 (NP0 - zero temperature coefficient - and temperature compensating) and Classes 2 & 3 (higher K values, less stable temperature coefficient) capacitors.
  • Three design types (A, B, and C) to best fit installation conditions and required specifications.

ALTAS® Ultra High-K Single Layer Chip CapacitorsTecdia altas SLCs

ALTAS® Ultra High-K Ceramic Capacitors are ultra-compact single-layer capacitors with excellent high frequency characteristics. A first of its kind in Japan, the ALTAS® capacitors utilize Hi-K dielectrics of K=16,000~50,000 made in two different thicknesses to meet your specific needs.
  • Single-layer structure with superior high frequency characteristics
  • High capacity at tiny sizes using K=16000, K=30000 and K=50000
  • Superior temperature characteristics
  • High withstanding voltage and high reliability

ALTAS® Ultra High-K RF Row CapacitorsTecdia single layer row capacitors

ALTAS® Ultra High-K Row capacitors provide an array of single value capacitors with common backside, a solution to save space, installation time and cost in RF and microwave applications.
  • Compact, high capacity using K=16,000
  • Reduced installation time
  • High performance at low cost

Rectangular Single Layer Chip Capacitors

Rectangular single layer chip capacitors with 6:1 aspect ratio, ideal for in-package matching of high-power RF transistors.

Thin Film Chip ResistorsTecdia thin film chip resistor

Wire bondable thin film ceramic chip resistors in multiple configurations.
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  • Suitable for both gold-tin soldering and epoxy die attachment
  • Single and multiple value chips
  • Inventory of standard designs for quick delivery

IRC™ Integrated Resistor-CapacitorTecdia resistor-capacitor

By combining and integrating a capacitor and a resistor on a single ceramic chip made with Tecdia’s Class IV (K=16,000) dielectric material, space within your devices and component count are reduced.
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  • Less parts to buy and install.
  • Less circuit space used and quicker installation
  • Improved reliability throught eliminated connection
  • Good temperature characteristics: TCC=X7S(±22%),TCR=-100±50ppm/°C
  • High withstanding (breakdown) voltage
  • Solderable chip mounting

Ceramic Microwave Ground Blocks Tecdia ceramic microwave grounding block

Alumina (aluminium oxide) ground blocks (also called mounting shorts) are customizable conductive shims ideal for micro-assemblies in both optical and microwave industries. They are being used to raise the ground level for shorter wire bonds to ground or - if attached with non conductive epoxy - as an isolation pad to land the wire bonds on and off to shorten wire bonds.
Download ceramic microwave ground block datasheet
  • Customizable size, thickness and metallization layers
  • Low impedance at high frequencies
  • Prevents creep-up of solder and epoxy
  • Orientation recognizable at a glance
  • High withstanding (breakdown) voltage
  • Good thermal match with alumina substrates