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Vectawave EMC EMI amplifiers

Vectawave Technology of Isle of Wight have produced hundreds of EMI/EMC amplifiers which were sold under the brand names of Teseq and other well-known European companies. Now Vectawave goes to market with their own line of wideband amplifiers which are based on reliable and cost-efficient GaAs transistor technology and proven designs. Prices are very competitive compared to Amplifier Research and others.

New EMI/EMC Power Amplifiers for 2018

VBA3200-450, 450W min., 700MHz to 3.2GHz, Datasheet VBA3200-450
Vectawave introduced 4 new RF power amplifiers at EMV 2018:

EMI and EMC Amplifiers

10kHz - 100MHz Amplifier 110W, 400W, 1100W
150kHz - 230MHz Amplifier 22W, 35W, 80W
10kHz - 250MHz Amplifier 800W, 2500W
10kHz - 400MHz Amplifier 100W, 110W, 150W, 260W
10kHz - 1000MHz Amplifier 18W, 45W, 70W
80 - 1000MHz Amplifier 70W, 150W, 250W, 275W, 500W, 600W, 1000W, 2000W
0.8 - 3.1GHz Amplifier 12W, 25W, 50W, 100W, 180W, 300W, 450W
2GHz - 6GHz Amplifier 20W, 40W

Download overview of Vectawave EMI/EMC amplifiers

Couplers and Hybrids

Directional Bridges VDB250, VDB 1000
Quadrature Hybrids1-300MHz, 2-32MHz, 30-512MHz
Couplers 30-88MHz, 30-512MHz, 0.8-3GHz

Special and Custom RF AmplifiersVectawave amplifier module 30MHz - 512MHz

Vectawave develops custom amplifiers for particle accelerators, medical and defense applications.
Download brochure custom amplifiers

Vectawave offers linear amplifier modules for frequencies between 9kHz and 6GHz in class A or AB designs with a variety of cooling and power supply options.
Download brochure linear amplifier modules

Click on the image below to download the Vectawave amplifier overview pdf.
Vectawave amplifiers overview