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Corning Gilbert continuously meets customer requirements for high-performance interconnects with its coaxial push-on interconnects — known worldwide to set the industry gold standard for performance. Initially developed for demanding military applications, these systems are now used in satellite, wireless, test and measurement, and telecommunications applications.

Corning Gilbert GMS connectors

GMS® The GMS connectors are 50 Ohm blind-mateable with similar size and power handling capabilities as the SMA type connectors. They have properties that make them ideal for multiple mate and backplane applications. GMS connectors offer excellent mechanical and electrical performance characteristics over the range of frequencies from DC to 23 GHz. They offer designers a durable alternative to OSP™ and SMA connectors.

Corning Gilbert GPO connectors

GPO® The GPO is our first 'push on' sub-miniature high frequency connector system. Corning Gilbert invented the GPO interface in the 1980's to answer the industry wide need for a compact design offering higher performance and ease of use in a high frequency RF connector. The GPO design is built around a floating 'blindmatable adapter', often referred to as a bullet, which is captivated between two panel or circuit mounted receptacles called 'shrouds'. This floating interconnect system enables the system designer to work with looser alignment tolerances, easing the manufacturing by lowering assembly time and complexity. Additionally, this push on design eliminates the need for large and cumbersome nuts associated with SMA's and other threaded type connectors. The result is a compact interconnect which provides a designer with the flexibility required for today's dense package configurations.

 Corning Gilbert GPPO connectors

GPPO® The GPPO interconnect series offers an even higher frequency push-on interconnect system than our GPO. The GPPO is considerably smaller than our compact GPO design, and is used in many space, military and commercial applications where vibration resistance, compact design and high performance are essential.

Corning Gilbert connector tools        
Corning Gilbert Microwave Tools are designed to aid in the assembly and installation of Corning Gilbert's products. Detailed instructions for their use can be found in the assembly procedures section.
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