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logo california eastern labsCEL replacements for discontinued Renesas RF products

Renesas has decided to withdraw from the microwave semiconductor device business as described in their press release. There are CEL direct drop-in replacement parts to many of the Renesas microwave devices including all RF switches and most of the low noise GaAs FETs (pHEMTs). The complete End of Life (EOL) list of parts is available in this pdf.logo Galtronics

New Suppliers

MRC GIGACOMP has signed a distribution agreement for the networking products of Galtronics for Europe.
logo Wei bo
MRC GIGACOMP is now distributor of Wei Bo Associates (Metelics replacements) in most parts of Europe.

MRC GIGACOMP now distributes Corry Micronics products in many European countries.
logo Corry Micronics

New RF and Microwave Products

Qorvo logoQorvo launched on September 30, 2016 compact GaN power amplifiers for advanced radar systems, a 500W internally matched L-band PA (QPD1003) and 450W S-band transistor, and 6 GaN low-noise driver transistor die, for DC-25GHz, ranging from 2W to 14W saturated power.

Qorvo added on September 26, 2016 new control products for DOCSIS 3.1, a 6-bit digital step attenuator and an absorptive switch, both in SOI

Qorvo announced on June 6, 2016 three new power doublers for DOCSIS 3.1, in compact MCM packages, with up to 63dBmV power output.

Qorvo introduced on May 25, 2016 new GaN on SiC MMIC PAs for C-band, X-band and Ku-band with saturated power up to 100W.

Qorvo announced on May 20, 2016 new 50V GaN on SiC transistors with output power levels between 10W and 125W, operating up to 4GHz.

JQL introduced new surface-mount circulators and isolators for 5G microwave applications

Qorvo announced on April 27, 2015 new S-band GaN transistors with 30W-100W in QFN packages, broadband GaN LNAs (2-22GHz) and 4W power amplifiers (2-18GHz) and a dual band WIFI front-end module.

Logo ErziaERZIA Space announced space-qualified LNAs and microwave amplifiers, non-ITAR, up to 83GHz

Logo PasternackPasternack introduced a broad range of RF and microwave amplifiers, from low-noise to USB controlled to high power and ultra broadband, all available from stock.

New RF Test Equipment

Logo BluetestBluetest announced its new generation of reverberation test chambers. The RTS65 has new features which make it easier to use and which improve the accuracy of Over-the-Air measurements of MIMO terminals.