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Logo Amphenol Antennas Amphenol base station antennas
Amphenol Antenna Solutions
was created through the combination of Antel, MAT Equipement, Jaybeam Wireless and CSA Wireless. With six factories in USA, England, Macedonia and France Amphenol Antenna Solutions is one of the market leaders.

Base Station Antennas for Mobile Infrastructure

Most antennas are available with mechanical variable tilt, electrical variable tilt or RET (Remote Electrical Tilt) via AISG control signals (AISG1.1 or AISG2.0).

Single Sector Panel Antennas

Multiband-antennas with 2 low band arrays
Multiband-antennas with 1 low band array
Multiband-antennas with 2 high band arrays, e.g. 6880300, with low band (698-960MHz) and 2 x high band (1695-2690MHz). Datasheet
Antennen mit nur 1 high band array

Single Sector Cylindrical Antennas

Dualband, Triband and Quadband versions for LTE700, LTE800, GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS, some with GPS antennas. Example:
Amphenol 6880220-K01, 34cm diameter, internal panels for 790-960MHz, 1710-2170MHz and1710-2690MHz. Datasheet cylindrical antennaAmphenol tri-sector antenna

Tri Sector Cylindrical Antennas

Amphenol's Trio range of antennas is an esthetic solution for tri sector antennas. In a single radome they contain three multiband panel antennas for the mobile communication bands GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS, LTE800 and LTE2600. The vertical tilt control is separate for each band and the azimuth pane can be set individually for each panel. Example:
Amphenol 6888203, quadband antenna, dual polarized, 790-960MHz + 2 x 1710-2170MHz + 2500-2690MHz. Datasheet Tri Sector Antenna
Catalog of Amphenol Tri Sector AntennasAmphenol Yagi antenna mount for tunnels

Yagi Antennas

Yagi antennas are ideal for point-to-point applications like repeaters and tunnels. For the wall mounting in tunnels Amphenol offers extremely rigid two-point mounting sets, see picture on the right.
Presentation Amphenol Yagi Antennas


Antennas for In-Building CoverageAmphenol in-building antenna

For the mobile phone coverage of large buildings, malls and stadiums Amphenol Antennas has developed directional, omnidirectional and multi band antennas for SISO and MIMO (LTE) applications.  Link to Amphenol Antennas' website.
Brochure Distributed Antenna Systems.

Base Station Antennas for TETRA and PMR

As main supplier for the TETRA networks AIRWAVE in UK and ASTRID in Belgium Amphenol's Jaybeam business unit is a leader in that market.
Catalog Amphenol Antennas for TETRA and Tetrapol.

Table of antennas for private mobile radio (PMR), including accessories, with links to the datasheets.

New: Omnidirectional Antenna with variable Tilt for TETRA with
7,9dBd gain (Modell 7549387) and
4,6dBd gain (Modell 7586307) Amphenol manpack antenna mast

HF Antennas for Defence

C&S Antennas, a subsidiary of Amphenol Antennas, produces
Man portable Telscopic Masts
HF Antenna Systems (1,6-30MHz)
UHF, VHF and SHF Antennas
Omnidirectional antennas (colinear, centre-fed dipoles, end-fed dipoles) and high gain directional antennas
(Yagi antennas, stacked dipoles, panel antennas, sector antennas)
Amphenol Antennas jumper cables

Cables, Connectors and Accessories

Jumper cables  with RG58, RG213 and superflexible cables in various lengths and connector combinations, also flame retardant
RF connectors as 7/16 DIN, Mini 7/16 DIN and N-connectors with O-ring seals for Copper and Aluminium cables
Corrugated cables 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 7/8", 5/4", 13/8", also in superflexible versions
Cabel clamps
Grounding kitsAmphenol Antennas power dividers
Weather proofing kits
Passive components: RF couplers, tappers, power dividers, RF attenuators and RF loads
Lightning protection
Adapters for 7/16 DIN to N and SMA
Presentation Amphenol Antennas Base Station Accessories

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